Welcome to my page! My name is Eszter Nyitrai.

I am an English speaking doula in Budapest, Hungary and happy to help you if you need information about the Hungarian pregnancy and birth routines and professional support during your labour.

Prior to becoming a doula, I graduated with a master’s degree in psychology. I trained as a birth and postpartum doula through Békés Dúlakör, and also attended workshops of DONA International and Ina May Gaskin, took a series of childbirth classes for professionals, and classes for breastfeeding support.

I believe that mEnglish speaking doulay educational background allows me to provide holistic and comprehensive support to the clients I serve.

As a birth doula, it is my goal to support you through pregnancy, labor, and while adjusting to life with a newborn. My job is to support you in whatever decisions you make and be a complementary member of your birth team.

I typically meet with parents at least for 2-4 visits prior to the birth to talk about birth options, their unique wishes, and go over any concerns regarding pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. By providing individualized doula-care during our prenatal visits, you can make informed decisions surrounding birth and parenting.

When you are in labor, I give continuous support. As a doula, I assist with relaxation techniques and positioning, providing physical support and reassurance. I adapt to your needs through each stage, whether I am just providing a calming presence or playing an active role in your birth.

After baby is born, I stay a couple of hours to assist with bonding/breastfeeding and help the family settle in. We meet 1-2 times after everyone is home to talk about the birth, help with infant feeding/care, and go over any concerns.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me!